A project by: Paolo Ciregia
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Born from the idea of the artist Paolo Ciregia, the RG0022 project is a realistic action aimed at breaking both this barrier of isolation imposed by the emergency situation and that of individualism that characterizes us as such human being:

thanks to a real object such as a camera transferred from hand to hand, a real physical experience is created between the various artists involved, as a real passing of the baton, we hope to have a social relationship “according to nature”, a physical relationship that breaks the mold of an isolated and individualistic vision.

The development of the project involves the passage from house to house of an analog camera with a 32-shot film. We ask each artist to be involved and, in total freedom, to interpret this particular historical moment by taking two photographs.

Concept: Paolo Ciregia

Visual identity and design: Multiplo

Website development: Iperstudio

Producer: Stefano De Gregori